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Change your company name in 3 working days

What is a company name change?
You can change the name of your limited company at any time after incorporation. This can usually be done within 3 working days, subject to Companies House workload.
1st Formations provides a professional service to change your company name. We will prepare and file the NM01 form at Companies House, and also provide all related documents such as a resolution, minutes, and certificate of name change.
The cost of our Company Name Change Service is £59.99 plus VAT.
How it works:
    • Select ‘Buy Now’, fill out the order form, checkout, and pay.
    • You will receive digital documents in 1-2 working days by email, including the meeting minutes and the special resolution.
    • You will need to sign the documentation and post the special resolution to Companies House.
    • We will file the request for a company name change electronically, and the name change should be approved within 1-2 working days (however, this is dependent on Companies House workload and may take longer).
    • You will then receive a Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name by email.

Full Company Secretary Service

A Change of Company Name is FREE with our Full Company Secretary Service (as one of your 10 company changes per year).

£149.99 per year

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to change my company name?

It usually takes 3 working days in total to change a company name on the Companies House register.

What is included in our price?
    • The Companies House fee
    • Completion and filing of the NM01 form, which is used to notify Companies House of a change of name
    • Minutes – The directors should pass minutes to change company name and file the Minutes in their company records
    • Resolution – Existing shareholders must agree to change the name of the company by signing a special resolution
    • Digital Certificate of Name Change
Will my company registration number change if I
change my company name?

No. This will remain the same.

How do I correct a spelling mistake in my company name?

If you simply made a spelling mistake when you registered your company name, you will be required to process a change of company name order to correct the mistake.

I want to use a sensitive word in my new company
name, what do I need to provide?
You will need to provide supporting evidence or a letter of non-objection from the relevant authority to support your application. Please forward this documentation to us by email at your earliest convenience.
When a sensitive word is included in the new company name, we will be required to order your company name change by post, and the whole process will take between 5 to 10 working days.
Will I receive a new certificate of incorporation and company documents?

No. Your original certificate of incorporation and company documents will remain intact and will be supplemented with a Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name.

Can I change the ‘Limited’ part of my company name to ‘plc’ using the name change service?

No. This change requires you to re-register your private limited company to a plc using form RR01. For further reading click here.


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