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Companies House Correspondence Address

Our London service address is available to all company directors, LLP members, shareholders, secretaries and persons with significant control (PSCs) who wish to maintain the privacy of their home by keeping their residential address off the public register.

What is a service address?

A service address is the official correspondence address for an individual company director, LLP member, secretary, or person with significant control (eg. a shareholder who own more than 25% of the company’s shares). It is where they will receive their official government mail. A service address is a legal requirement and these address details are displayed on public record.

Any full postal address in the UK or abroad can be used as a service address, with the exception of PO Box Numbers – a residential address is acceptable but most people use an alternate service address to protect their privacy.

Why do I need a service address?


      • It is a legal requirement of limited company directors and secretaries, subscribers (the first members who join a company during the incorporation process), LLP members, and people with significant control (PSCs).
      • To receive official government mail and legal notices from HMRC, relating to the individual’s role in the company/LLP.
      • Your service address will be displayed on the Companies House public register.
      • Our London service address will protect the privacy of your home address and prevent unsolicited mail and visitors arriving at your place of residence.
      • All personal statutory mail received at our London service address will be forwarded to our clients, by scan and email, on a daily basis.

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How do I buy a service address?
  • Click on the ‘Buy Now’ icon.
  • Select the London service address option and enter the required details and proceed to checkout.
  • Within 2 hours you will receive a welcome email and receipted invoice.
  • You must notify Companies House of your new service address.
Forwarding of service address mail
  • All official government mail will be scanned and emailed to you on a daily basis, free of charge.
  • General business correspondence is not handled with this service.
Please note:

  • The cost of £26.00 per year covers use of this service by one director only. If more than one company officer wishes to use this address, the service must be purchased again for each individual director.
  • Once you have purchased this service, you can only use it for one company. The same officer cannot use the address for multiple companies, unless they buy this address service for each company.
  • If you want to learn more about company addresses and our address services, please have a look at our Company Addresses Explained page.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use this service for my company’s registered

No, this service can only be used as a service address for individuals. However, companies registered in England and Wales can separately purchase our London Registered Office service, which is available for £39.00 per year.

What is official government mail?

Official government mail is classified as mail from any UK government body, as well as Court documents.

Can I use this service address for general mail

No, our London Service Address can only be used to receive and forward statutory mail for individual company officers. General mail cannot be received or forwarded using this service. We do have a Business Address service that can be purchased separately for general mail purposes, and this is available for £96.00 per year.

What is the cost of the service address facility after the
first year?

CREASARL London Service Address costs £26.00 per year plus VAT for each subsequent year.

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